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The Next Big Thing in our "Just 10" Holy Yoga Practice - Making Space for God to Speak

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

We all have those moments where we go to God to listen, but in reality, all we do is end up talking. There is absolutely nothing wrong with pouring out our hearts to God, but there is something wrong with never taking the time to truly make space to listen.

These last few days, I've been enduring the "fun" experiences of being a woman (*sarcasm intended).

I've been going through the motions and the process of those ever-changing hormone levels and hormonal imbalances that can come with that specific time of the month for most women. As I grow older, I am beginning to think of thoughts such as "this can't be life" and "there have to be some changes that I can make on my end to help my body and my hormones become even more balanced and in tune with each other".

Yes, I am well aware that science offers us many solutions for these times of the month. I've implemented these solutions for most of my life, but what these lifelong implementations of those solutions have taught me, is that those things that I've used in order to cope with these moments throughout my life have literally just been band-aids (*in my opinion).

I don't know about you, but I would rather not use any more band-aids, not when I have the power within me to make life-long decisions that will bear fruit for the entirety of my life.

I want to make lifestyle choices that enhance the nourishment of my body and my moods no matter the time of the month, that I'm experiencing.

I have always been into fitness, but lately, I've begun to study more and more about nutrition. I have to admit that this isn't because I desire to take this journey, it's because I have no choice. If you've ever listened to my podcast, "The Better in Ten Minutes Show" or some of my recent interviews on social media in 2020, I share a personal journey and battle that I've been enduring with my skin.

I've been to doctor after doctor, allergist after allergist, dermatologist after dermatologist, and experienced test after test. Literally, there have been no known explanations for what I am facing, and that in itself can truly be disheartening.

It's one thing to experience problems and issues in our life, it is a completely different monster to experience these things without being able to understand the root of what's causing those things in our life.

I've finally determined that I've got to quit moping and do some personal work. I've realized that since the tests and the doctors aren't helping, I've got to do what I can to help myself (*rolls eyes).

The first thing I realized I must do, is to explore my eating habits even more (*deep sigh).

My first trial and error choice on this journey was to fully be committed to a gluten-free diet with no cheat days involved. When I tell y'all that most days I'm completely fine, but then there are those days that I have not taken the time to plan what I will eat, so I end up hangry, frustrated, and seething as I watch my husband just happily eat what he wants.

I can literally feel the fire burning within me, ready to burst and explode as I watch him enjoy food that I too would like to enjoy.

I'm laughing as I type this because my husband has no clue. He has no clue about the frustration within me and the struggle I'm battling to stay disciplined as I watch him indulge in food that I can no longer enjoy anymore.

The struggle y'all! LOL! It's real!

So here is what I know, we won't always have the answers to all things in life.

Which in reality teaches this recovering control freak, that she actually cannot have control because she does not have the answers that will lead to control. God is funny LOL.

This morning, God in so many words, told your girl to shut up (*your girl is me :) ) So guess what I did? I gathered my feelings and became obedient. God didn't say it to me in a rude way, it was in a graceful way. One where He let me know, I don't have to fill our time with words, sometimes it's okay to just sit before Him and listen to what He wants to speak to this struggling heart of mine in the midst of this brand new journey and process.

What are you struggling with today?

Are you approaching God with a lot of noise?

Are you filling quiet spaces with your complaints, questions, and words?

What would happen if you made space for God to speak?

I want to share with you a "Just 10" Holy Yoga practice that I did this morning in order to make space for God to speak. I knew that my thoughts were rampant and my words were many. God spoke powerfully to me using one verse and I immediately submitted.

I hope that this practice gives you the space you need to truly hear God and to trust what He is speaking and doing currently in your life.

10 Minute "Just 10" Holy Yoga Flow

Creating Space for God to Speak


Bible Verse:

Don't shoot off your mouth, or speak before you think. Don't be too quick to tell God what you think He wants to hear. God's in charge, not you - the less you speak, the better. Ecclesiastes 5:2


I have a firm trust in what God is doing in my life.

Meditation Playlist:

Eternal by Antarctic Wastelands

On Earth by We Dream of Eden

Still by Salt of the Sound

Fire, Sleeper by Dear Gravity, We Dream of Eden


"Just 10" Holy Yoga Flow

  • Simple Seated

  1. 10 normal breaths (inhale and exhale normally)

  2. Shoulders down and back

  3. Crown of the head parallel to the ceiling

  4. Hands placed open on knees or another mudra position

  5. Back straight and tall

  • Simple Seated Forward Fold

  1. 10 normal breaths

  2. Walk hands forward on the mat

  3. Rest forearms on the mat, if comfortable

  4. Rest forehead on mat, if comfortable

  • Down Dog

  1. From simple seated, move into tabletop, then press into downward dog

  2. 5 normal breaths

  3. Walk legs out to give them a good stretch

  4. Knees can be bent

  5. Heals do not have to touch mat

  6. Look through arms and up at stomach

  7. Shoulders should be down and back

  8. The pelvis is pressing up towards the ceiling

  • Three-Legged Dog

  1. Step your right foot into the center

  2. Straighten your left leg towards the ceiling

  3. Let your left leg bend at an angle, opening your hips

  4. Two normal breaths

  • Runners Pose

  1. Bring left knee to chest

  2. One breath

  3. Sit left foot down by left hand

  4. Inhale arms up

  • Warrior 1

  1. Three normal breaths

  2. Arms straight overhead

  3. Exhale arms to the mat

  4. Step Left foot back

  • Repeat steps 3 - 6 on the Right side

  • Lower knees to mat

  • Resting Pose

  1. Transition to laying flat on your back

  2. Inhale knees up and hug, rock if your body needs it

  3. Stretch legs completely out

  4. Let feet fall to opposite sides

  5. Let arms rest by your side.

  6. Let the body be heavy

  7. Close your eyes if comfortable

  8. Rest in this space

  9. Don't be in a rush.

Give God room to speak.

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