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My Approach

Mindset Coach

I am thankful for the many battles I've faced with the mind because in those battles I've learned tools and techniques that help others.

One day, I woke up and realized that weeds were growing in my garden, and they were not planted by God. These weeds were meant to drown out the seeds of the beautiful flowers that God desired to grow within me.  

Facing the weeds was never an easy task, and even today, weeds can tend to grow.  Humility has become my greatest friend as I navigate life and continue to nourish and water this garden within me. I understand that life will be life, and every day we have a choice on how we position our hearts and sight on what is happening within us and to us.

Mental wellness is a lifestyle that I've embarked on, one of the most challenging lifestyles I've ever committed to in my life.  Three types of awareness are critical when managing our mental wellness: self-awareness, emotional awareness, and social awareness.

We must first be aware of ourselves.

We must second be aware of emotions.

We must third be aware of what is going on around us, which contributes to the first two types of awareness.

Our minds are like a garden.  What we plant, inedibly will grow.  I want to see those around me grow beautiful, vibrant, and colorful flowers. 

How do I do this? 

I teach.

I teach mindset skills, yoga classes, meditation, journaling exercises, and much more. 

I AM a Teacher + StoryTeller. 

The coupling of these tools has helped my clients recognize the planted seeds that have not been conducive to their journey so that they can make room for the seeds that will thrust them forward.

  1. Struggling to trust your decisions?

  2. Doubting that you genuinely hear God?

  3. Do your thoughts keep you going in circles?

  4. Struggling to trust who you are?

For many years, my mind kept me stagnant from following the path laid out for me, but I've learned tools and techniques that daily set me free.

There is a beautiful garden of flowers ready to grow within you, let me help you plant the necessary seeds.

Yoga Teacher

I literally do 10 minutes of mental wellness exercise every single day.  Just 10 minutes has been life-changing. 


I move my body to move my emotions. 

God dwells in my body (1 Corinthians 6:19).

I have the mind of Christ (1 Corinthians 2:16).

Yet, my thoughts are connected to experiences, predispositions, and emotions. 

I disconnect in order to connect with God and hear Him speak. 


I do this through yoga, long walks,  journaling, and meditation.

I am a 225 Hour Registered Holy Yoga Instructor and a current student for a 300 Hour Registered Yoga Faith Master Instructor.

My primary focus is on Breath and Meditation.  Some would refer to this type of yoga practice as Restorative, Gentle, and Yin.

As a trained Christian Yoga Instructor, I train our Clients to keep their Drishti (Focus) on Jesus throughout the entire session.  We enter this sacred space to draw closer to Him, to be in His presence, to be in Worship, and to Fellowship with Him.  

We believe that through our "Just 10" Yoga practice women everywhere will defeat the attacks of anxiety and depression and enter into the pure and peaceful presence of God.  In His presence, direction, peace, or comfort is provided for our now and our next.

Our ultimate goal is to train our clients to BE STILL in the toughest of places and hear what God is speaking as we are called to do many times in life. 

Whole Minds + Present Moments is our mission.


We offer:

Private Group Sessions for Yoga and Meditation

Please take time to read our Just 10 Yoga Release form and sign prior to booking our sessions.

If Booking an In-Person session, please take time to review our Covid-19 Terms and Agreement.

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