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My Approach

"Empowering Your Faith Through Mindset and Purpose" at Jeanice Sherai, LLC

At Jeanice Sherai, LLC, I offer a unique approach to Christian Mindset and Wellness that focuses on the intersection of faith and yoga. By combining the principles of yoga with the teachings of the Bible, I am able to provide individuals with the tools needed to lead a life of balance and peace. My services include Christian Yoga, Journaling, Silence, and Guided Relaxation. Through a combination of these practices, I am able to help individuals defeat the attacks of anxiety and learn to truly relax. With just 10 minutes of practice, you can start to see life-changing results.

"Unlock Spiritual Wellness Through Devotionals and Books at Jeanice Sherai, LLC"

At Jeanice Sherai, LLC, I help you discover your most significant potential and get the most out of life. I'm a self-published author of devotionals, journals, goal-setting workbooks, and books designed to help you grow spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. I'm also a Christian Faith Blogger, providing guidance on mindset, mental wellness practices, affirmations, positive mindset, and more. Some of my books are “How Do You Know When It's God,” “Decide Today Is Your Day: 21 Affirmations Guaranteed to Change Your Life," "Goal Diggers: Get Ready, Set, Goals," and “31 Days of Faith: From Familiarity to Freedom (co-written with my husband, Victor Durrah, Jr.)." I'm here to help you live a life of purpose and joy. I even have a children’s book co-written with my husband and based on the life of our beautiful daughter, titled "Victory Smiles," to help impart these principles to the next generation.

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