Areas of Expertise

Mindset Coach (CPLC)

Your mindset will always be the number one ASSET to changing your CURRENT life.  Even, Jesus, could do little for those who lacked faith.  You must have the courage to think, speak, and act as though you believe in the vision you want to see for your life. 


As a Mindset Coach I offer various coaching sessions and programs that will walk you through the steps of transforming your mind so that you can be equipped with the necessary skills to accomplish the goals you have set for your life and begin living your life freely and on purpose!

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"Just 10" Holy Yoga (R-HY-225I)

I am a 225 Hour Registered Holy Yoga Teacher with a primary focus on Breath and Meditation.  Some would refer to this type Yoga practice as Restorative, Gentle, and Zen. I would agree that my practices is a combination of all three, but most of all... it is Holy. 


As a Holy Yoga teacher we train our Clients to keep their Drishti (Focus) on Jesus throughout the entire session.  We enter this sacred space to draw closer to Him, to be in His presence, to be in Worship, and to Fellowship with Him.  


We believe that through our "Just 10" Holy Yoga practice souls, hearts, as well as minds and bodies can be completely healed through the power and presence of Jesus Christ, the commitment of our Clients Growth Mindset, their Mustard Seed sized Faith, and our coaching and training throughout the sessions.  

We offer:

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My Approach

Jeanice Sherai, LLC utilizes tools such as Holy Yoga, Mindset Coaching, Meditation, our published books/workbooks/devotionals, and many other mental wellness tools to train our Clients on a daily basis. 


We believe in Purpose Living.


Our mission is Promote Whole Minds and Present Moments utilizing our many mental wellness tools.  We desire to teach our Clients to Be Still and hear God in the toughest of moments so that they can begin living their lives without fear, freely and on Purpose. 


We believe that when we live on Purpose we can defeat anxiety and depression.  Our vision is to see a world free from anxiety and depression.




We offer a variety of free training through our social media pages and through our blogs/vlogs. 


Our Founder, Jeanice Sherai, has over 10+ years of training, mindset coaching, and purpose living.

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