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God’s List

As I journaled tonight, I realized that there are a lot of questions that I have concerning a lot of things in this world, but I also realized that none of these things are on God's list.

What is Jesus doing in this season of what seems like utter chaos in this world?

Jesus is comforting the grieving mother or person in general. He's helping those that are hurting. He's leading those that are lost. He's feeding the hungry and providing provision for those that are poor. He's calming the fearful heart. He's rubbing the head of the person at their wits end as they kneel at His feet.

Many things are meant to be distractions.


Journal About It

Journal Prompt: Am I focused on the big thing or the little thing? How will I know the difference?

To prepare your heart for this journaling prompt, I want to invite you to take a few moments to breathe. Breathwork calms our nervous system and connects us with the present moments.


The breath I encourage is one that promotes happiness and helps the mind draw inward for focus. It is called the Fainting Breath.

Note: If you experience high blood pressure or vertigo, I encourage you to use caution with this particular breathwork.

  1. Sit comfortably with a straight spine.

  2. Deeply inhale gradually through the mouth.

  3. Touch the chin tightly to the throat.

  4. Hold breath for as long as comfortable.

  5. Release the head.

  6. Exhale slowly.

  7. Repeat 8-15 times, increasing the pause each time.


Make a Pledge

Your donation contributes to the free resources provided weekly to fight against anxiety and depression in this world. Our mission is to promote whole minds and present moments through mental wellness tools that help you to relax.

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