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5 Self-Care Tips For The Corporate Black Woman

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

When I began to write this blog, I edited the title at least six times.

I wondered if I should delete "black" from the title so that others who may not fit this description knew that they could find value in this article as well.

I questioned if someone would ask, “Why just for “black” women?” as I have been asked at times before when I’ve posted or created content specifically for an audience of women that look like me.

I didn’t want to offend my clients whom I cherish, but again may not fit the description of the title of this blog.

I wondered if I should put “ALL CORPORATE IDENTITIES MATTER” as a sub-title (*side-eye).

Then I just said, “Girl! Bump all those insecurities, go with this title.”

Here is a truth for each one of you reading this blog, those who know you know you and those who desire to misunderstand you, already have that set agenda in their heart.

Here is also a truth I will offer, I’m up for tough conversations on why there is needed content for women that look specifically like me. I’m also open to hear how this title may have possibly offended you, especially if you are one of my clients.

I’m here for grown up conversations, diversity and growth. ❤️

But, y’all here is the deal.

I’m a black woman. I believe in wellness and self-care for all, no matter who you personally identify as in this world.

My business does not discriminate.

We accept coins from all people and all nationalities, but a lot of what you will get from me will be from the perspective of a:

  1. Christian,

  2. Newly married,

  3. Full-time corporate employee,

  4. Side-gig Entrepreneur,

  5. Navigating the Latter part of her 30’s,

  6. No kids having (but, one on the way 💗),

  7. Living life,

  8. Loving to Travel,

  9. Black Woman.

We as women in general have to navigate so much to live out our truth in this world and not be labeled because of our choice to work hard, speak our mind, say no, and be passionate about the things that spark a fire in our life.

Yet, I’ve learned through navigating this life and this corporate world that as black women, we have to double those efforts to not be labeled.

How do you handle the stress of your day-to-day job and the impact of being misunderstood when you show up fully as yourself in your workplace?

How do you process mentally, still being a misunderstood culture when you step into your corporate position on a daily basis?

What do you do to de-stress?

Five Self-Care Tips For The Corporate Black Woman

  1. Take a Long Hot Bath. Pentucket Health in their article, “10 Scientifically Proven Benefits of Taking a Bath” states that taking a long bath, improves heart health, lung capacity, calms the nervous system, and benefit your muscles, bone, and joints. One of my favorite Sunday traditions is to make a bubble bath, turn on meditation music, and practice being present in that moment of solitude. Do you struggle with silencing your mind in order to be still? Take a long hot bath. Even if your mind wanders, it’s okay, just bring it back to that present and relaxing place that you are currently in.

  2. Take a Long Walk. If you follow me on social media or read my blogs/newsletters then you know that I am a huge advocate of taking a long walk in nature or simply in your neighborhood. Walking is one of my absolute favorite things to do. It helps me to walk off those stressors and release those endorphins that my body and mood so desires and needs. VeryWellFit in their article, “How walking can increase your mood and reduce stress” states that there is a study by Edwards MK, Loprinzi PD published in 2018 showing that even a short bout of walking lasting just 10 minutes can improve our moods when compared to choosing to do no activity at all. Researchers also noted that a short bout of meditation had the very same effect. Get out on your lunch break, in the morning before work, or right after work and take a short walk! I promise your body will appreciate it.

  3. Practice Yoga. Okay, okay, yes I am a yoga instructor so maybe you’re reading this and thinking I’m a bit biased. I probably am, but my bias is backed up by scientific information 😀. Practicing yoga has been proven to help reduce stress and anxiety. It has also been linked to fighting against depression in your life. Just 10 minutes of a slow meditative yoga session, can do wonders for your stressful workday. Take a moment and visit our, “Just 10 Yoga” YouTube channel for great meditation and yoga sessions to start or end your day. You can even do chair yoga while you are in the office or working from home at your desk. Chair yoga is another form of yoga that will help you to release those stressors, breathe, and focus on this present moment.

  4. Watch your Favorite Movie. I’m a movie fanatic and there is nothing more that I love doing than sitting down to watch a really good movie. I normally enjoy love stories, marvel, suspense or sci fi movies. When I watch movies, I am literally not that person that processes the movies deeply. You won’t find me wanting to debate about the true meaning or the depth of a movie. When I watch a movie, it’s to take me away from reality and into a fantasy world even if it’s just for two hours. At the end of a stressful day, pop some popcorn, turn on your tv, and indulge in your favorite movie for a moment.

  5. Read a Book. I also am a person that loves to read. I love all types of books but my favorite pastime is reading romance novels by Debbie Macomber or Nora Roberts. I love these stories because it again takes me away from the present stressors and into a fantasy world if only for a few hours. I encourage you to find you a great book and on your lunch break or when you are off work, take a break and allow yourself to be submerged into the writings of someone you love. You won’t regret it and neither will your mental health.


I hope that of the above five tips listed, you are able to find at least one self-care tip that will allow you to de-stress and take care of your self, a Beautiful Black Corporate Woman.

Jeanice Sherai, LLC mission is to help women discover purpose and find direction through mental wellness practices that promote a whole mind and present moments.

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