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Three Ways to Manage the Shift in Seasons Mentally

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

This year has been quite the year.

It seems that we have experienced a season that has not changed for the first 9 months of this entire year. Of course we've had winter, spring, and summer so far, but doesn't it seem like 2020 has been stuck in the same season thus far this year?

Life has changed tremendously. We haven't been able to truly hang out "outside" and experience the fullness as these seasons have changed. Some of us are in places that are still completely on lock down, while others have partial openings but everything is pretty much at half capacity and masks are required everywhere.

Movie theaters have been shut down almost the entire year, college football is pretty much cancelled, and there was no basketball season during the spring....all of the things that most times indicate to us a that seasons are changing.

Will we get to experience corn mazes, haunted houses, family holiday celebrations in the Fall and Winter? We don't truly know.

One thing 2020 has taught us is that we are not in control.

Yet, when the season switches from summer to fall there are still some key things that truly impact our mental health and with the already many changes in this year we've had to endure taking care of our mental wellness is of utmost importance and needed.

It must be a priority.

The days get shorter as we switch seasons, which means less time outside for walks that many of us have grown fond of in this year. The weather is cooler than normal which can also impact some of us mentally. People are not frequenting outside as much because of the weather which means that many will endure isolation again and isolation impacts our mental wellness greatly.

What can we do to manage our mental health as we shift into a new season?


Three Ways to Manage the Shift in Seasons Mentally


Journal - Take time to journal how you are feeling as the season begins to shift. Don't ignore your emotions, but don't stay in your emotions either. Write down your thoughts, your moods, your fears, your feelings. Document your days. Write down affirmations and speak them aloud. Write down scriptures that speak to your current place in life. Document present joyful moments, sad moments, moments filled with laughter. Write down things that are taking place in your life currently that you believe are purposed. Be intentional about writing down your today's because they are absolutely precious.

Grab a Jacket and Go for a Walk - Don't be afraid if there is a cool breeze. Get outside and breathe in the fresh air. Cherish the beauty in the change in seasons. Notice the things around you. Practice mindfulness and being present. Talk to God on your walks. Ask Him to reveal to you what He plans to do in your life and how he wants to grow and develop you in this season. Seek Him concerning the things, habits, and lifestyles He desires for you to leave behind so that you can be ready for the new.

Decorate your Surroundings - Add Love and Light to your home. When the days begin to grow shorter, add light to your home. Add quotes and decorations that immediately lift your spirit. Create the energy, light, and the love that you need right in your home. You deserve to be surrounded by beauty, light and love. You have the power to create that in your home. If you are not good with decorating, go to social media and Pinterest. Try your hand at a DIY project.

Focus on nurturing your mental health as the seasons shift.

Be intentional about you because you are so needed.
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