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Maneuvering Through the Unpredictable

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

"When life gives you lemons. Adjust to the taste."
~Jeanice Sherai

We won't always be able to change the circumstances of life, but we can always change our perspective.

Where are you currently "mentally" in the midst of this pandemic?

Life has completely changed for 100% of us.

Many of us are working from home, some have become full time teachers, some are caring for sick family members, some are grieving in a brand new way due to this pandemic, and others have new fears of having to go into work and maintain practices that will not only keep them safe but also maintain the saftey of their family.

We can either adjust to what life has given us and change our perspective concerning it or we can keep trying to change the situation in itself, which is honestly completely out of our control.

You have a choice.

Some things in life we just will not be able to change, but our mindset is not one of them.

I encourage you in this time to:

1. Rest,

2. Reset,

3. Don't make huge lists,

4. Allow your body and mind to adjust to this new norm,

5. Process what you are feeling, this is trauma,

6. Focus on who you are, who God says you are, and who God is in the midst of this pandemic.

We have to learn that every season is not for us to rush through to the end. If we don't process now, we will later. I encourage you to experience what is happening now, so your body won't remind you of what you ignored later.



5 Ways to Change Your Perspective:

1. Don't look to complain, look to admire.

What's going great in your life right now? What prayers has God answered in the midst of this pandemic?

2. Don't speak to the current view, speak to the promised one.

We don't know what's ahead, but we do know what God has promised.

3. Don't believe the hype that you have to do something right now.

If your body is saying rest, do it.

4. Don't look to what others are doing, as your map. Pay attention to God's instructions.

The key to success isn't in following others pattern, it's in knowing God for yourself so that you can hear how He is instructing YOU.

5. When your mind tries to convince you that this is the worst, name 10 reasons why it is not.

You don't have control over these times, but you can work to maintain control of the things that truly matter. Your mind is one of them.

Stay Safe. Stay healthy. Stay focused. Stay rested. PRAY.

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