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It's A Perfect Day (*deep sigh)

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

It's a perfect day.

The sun is shining.

Work is stress-free.

You're getting along with your mate.

You just had the best laugh ever with a close friend or family member.

You have money in your savings.

The day is absolutely perfect.

I wonder how on days as precious as this one, that:

  • As soon as you're inside from the sun,

  • As soon as you're back inside from that walk,

  • As soon as you log off or leave work,

  • As soon as your mate hangs up or leaves the room,

  • As soon as you hang up or leave the vicinity of that friend or family member,

  • As soon as the excitement wears off from realizing your bank account has more than you thought.

You seem to fall into that same old melancholy mood.

You are doing all of the right things:

  • Taking your vitamins,

  • Praying,

  • Reading your Bible,

  • Exercising,

  • Continuing to socialize, even if it means only virtually.

You're doing everything that they said you should, but still there is that mood again.

The reality is that there are many different factors that play into our varying moods:

  • Thoughts,

  • Weather,

  • Unhealed Trauma,

  • Grief,

  • Unforgiveness,

  • Discontentment,

  • Mindset,

  • Whether we are aligned in mind, body, and spirit concerning God's plans for our life,

  • Disobedience,

  • Duties,

  • The masks we wear, and honestly so much more.

The biggest of these mentioned above, I believe is our mindset. Our mindset has power over every single thing mentioned above.

When we begin to understand that power.

The power of our mindset. The power we hold in taking time to train our minds, we then will realize the control our mindset has on every single part of our world.

In a bad mood? What were you just thinking?

"Jumping in the river does not drown you. Remaining immersed in it does."
~Extraction Movie

There is no way that we can't at times find ourselves immersed in thoughts that can instantly change our mood. I truly believe that the only way to heal and to climb out of these moods is to get to the root as to why they are there.

Our thoughts can be utilized as a navigational system, pointing us to the nearest route that will take us on a journey of healing and restoration throughout our entire life.
~Jeanice Sherai

So don't stop thinking, instead begin to analyze those thoughts:

  • Where did this thought come from?

  • When did this thought begin?

  • What triggered this thought?

  • Why did that situation trigger this thought?

  • What is this thought rooted in?

  • Is this thought truth?

  • Did this thought come from God?

  • What does God's word say about this thought?

Don't stop there with your questions, really dig deep.

When we strip the lie apart, the next time it appears, we can speak the truth that defeats it immediately.
~Jeanice Sherai

The reason that mood keeps re-appearing is because the root of that mood is still there.

You have the power within you to dig up the root:

  • Pray,

  • Study God's Word,

  • See a therapist,

  • Meditate, and

  • Speak over your life the truth that God says.

Refuse to stay in a place mentally that's drowning you. Do the necessary work. You deserve to live a life in abundance and that abundance comes from doing the work that will truly set you free.

May is Mental Health Awareness month. Mental Health Awareness is all about raising awareness about mental health and eliminating the stigma.

Don't be ashamed of where you are in life.
Do be bold enough to get help.

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