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Honoring YOU

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

"It has been said that Honor is one of the utmost gifts that we can give to those we love, but yet I wonder why we struggle to offer this gift to ourselves."
~Jeanice Sherai

Honor is defined by Google as a way to show high respect or esteem to others.

We hear it often on court shows and in court rooms when speaking to the Judge, "Yes, your Honor."

We have been taught that we must always honor God.

We have been taught to honor and respect our elders and those we love.


Honor has been a theme that has shown up in each of our lives in some way, even if it's completely different from the ways I've mentioned.

We must honor others, I completely agree.

God deserves our ultimate honor, I am in total and complete agreement.

We must honor and respect our elders, I agree completely.

Honor is truly a gift that should be rightly given. There are no arguments from me there.

Yet, when we look at our current life in this present moment, are we struggling with the ability to show honor to ourselves?

Yes, we are to be love, to be light, and honor one another above ourselves (Romans 12:10), but does that discount the honor that we too deserve to be given?

I dare to say that although we are to be there for others and honor them above ourselves, that scripture was never intended to teach us to ignore our personal needs completely.

Honoring YOU, is just as important as the honor we are to show others.

One of my favorite quotes says, "You cannot pour from an empty cup."

That quote could not be more true.

Our mental health is so important as we reach out to help others.

God created each of us for a reason, we cannot be used for that reason and purpose if we do not take time to Honor HIS creation.


In what ways are you currently showing the very being that God created, Honor?


Life has a way of teaching us to honor everyone, but ourselves. We have been taught to show up for everyone, while ignoring what our mind, body, and spirit is constantly and presently screaming out to us.

When is the last time you stopped and listened?

No, truly, stopped and said my body, my mind, and my spirit is speaking and then... truly listened?

Will you join me in taking time in this present moment to do that very thing?

Will you join me in taking time to honor you?

What are you saying? What do you need?

"The art of honoring ourselves can seem almost as if it is a burden, an embarrassing burden at that."
~ Jeanice Sherai

We believe that we owe the world and others around us so much, but yet when it comes to ourselves, we most times treat our beings as though it can wait?

Can it wait?

When it comes to the honor that we owe ourselves... the world, the race and the speed of the world has taught us that we don't truly deserve it.

We become embarrassed to serve ourselves anything more than the lack and left overs remaining from what we've handed others.

We deserve so much more, though, so much more.

We use so many excuses as to why we ignore our mind, body, and spirit when it is speaking loudly to us.

I'm an entrepreneur, if I stop, the business stops.

I'm a mom, if I stop, who will take care of the kids.

I'm the only worker in my home, if I stop, who will pay the bills?

I'm a wife, if I stop, how will I fulfill the needs of my home?

I've made all these plans, if I cancel, what will they think?

If your excuse isn't above, still take time to acknowledge the one that you frequently use.

Here is what I have to tell you, if we as women and even the male readers that are currently reading, if we don't take the time to honor ourselves.... We will have absolutely nothing to offer this world.

Stress leads to anxiety, depression, weakened immune systems, memory loss, a lack of focus and so much more. It may seem that those things that are plaguing you and keeping you from listening, need you more than you need you, but it is so far from the truth.

You need YOU and it is not weak to take time to listen to what you are saying.

"Our struggle is not with honor, it is with the fear of being vulnerable."
~ Jeanice Sherai

One of my favorite authors and speakers is Brene Brown. The reason I love her so much is because of her extensive research on the strength of standing out as yourself and being completely vulnerable in your stance. She teaches that although we see vulnerability as a weakness, it is instead a strength.

I could not agree with her more. It takes huge amounts of strength to be vulnerable.

To say, "Hey guys, today (this week, this month, this year) I need mental health time. My body is screaming at me and I need to listen."

I guarantee you will be shocked at the support you receive.

You will be even more shocked to see how the world just keeps going, even when you need to take time to breathe.

The fear of missing out is a big thing, but, if you are not healthy, you will miss out on so much more than just that thing that keeps plaguing you and convincing you not to listen.

Honoring you is how you will show up as your full and complete self for every task that God will give you in life. I am a huge proponent in taking time to listen to what our mind, body and spirit is speaking and then.... being obedient.


Meditation Moment

1. Find a Quiet Space.

2. Begin to slowly breathe.

3. Focus only on your breathing until it becomes normal.

4. INHALE: I am Fearfully

5. EXHALE: and Wonderfully Made.

6. Repeat this Inhale and Exhale exercise several times.


Take time to Honor YOU. To hear what YOU need in this PRESENT moment. What you need does not make you weak. God made no mistakes when He created you. He formed you a specific way for a reason. You can't serve others if you do not take time to honor HIS creation.

Note: You may also find slow soothing music (no words just the melody) to listen to during your meditation. Try your best to stay in this place for at least 10 minutes.


Jeanice Sherai, LLC mission is to Promote Whole Minds and Present Moments with every person we encounter.

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