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Five Ways to Make the Most of Your 2023 Year

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

You deserve to experience an optimal year, and I believe you will after reading this blog.

Those are powerful words, right?

How can I, as a writer, guarantee that you will definitely experience the most of your year simply by taking what's in this blog and applying it?

I believe that our life is a lot like the construction of a house.

It must be first set on the proper foundation, the right tools must be gathered, we must have the expertise needed to continue building, we must know the type of house we are building, and we must have the fervor to build until its completion.

The good news is that we have a Master construction worker doing the building.

His name is God, and He is our foundation.

This is the first way we will get the most out of our 2023 year.

  • Allowing our Life to be set on the proper foundation. A foundation is defined as the first layer of a building on which a building is built and provides a facility with a stable structure. How do we allow God to be our foundation? We seek Him first (Matthew 6:33) before anything else. I don't know what that looks like for your life. Maybe, at this moment, you don't either, but take the time to understand what it would mean to seek God before you seek out anything else in your life. What is coming up when you hear that question or read those words? That's the answer you need to make the most of your 2023 year.

When we allow our lives to be stabilized by the God who created us, we find security in Him that we will never find in this world.

When constructing a home, research states that you begin to build up from the foundation. So after that first layer is laid, it's up from there.

This is the second way to make the most of our 2023 year.

  • Allowing the words we speak, the activities we participate in, and the things we do to be upbuilding to this temple that God has given us to dwell in. That means that we speak kindly to ourselves. We start our day with greetings fit for a Queen. We watch what we entertain in company and media. We put guards around our eyes so that what our body says is not good, we no longer allow in. We become immensely protective of this being that God has created.

The foundation is set; it's up to us individually to allow our lives to be built up from there. After all, God has given us each free will.

As we build, research shows that most construction workers know that even with suitable materials, it will mean nothing if the right tools are not used to hold those materials together. We can speak, do, and guard our lives, but if it is not all molded together with the right tools, it will not stick in our lives.

This is the third way to make the most of our 2023 year.

  • Allowing the right tools to be in your toolbelt for this process of upbuilding your life. What tools do you need for what you desire to build in your life right now? Understanding the tools necessary for the life you build is an optimal way to guarantee success. Maybe, you are a person that needs a therapist that you can utilize on an as-needed basis. Perhaps you are a person that needs to listen to positive affirmations every night as you fall asleep. You may have to say the same scriptures repeatedly to have them stick. Don't let knowing who you are, be a bad thing. We tend to ridicule our disadvantaged areas instead of embracing them. Give her what she needs to be successful. This is how you will get the most out of your 2023 year.

Knowing the tools, we need in our life is necessary for success. If we do not understand what we need, we will never be able to determine what will allow us to grasp the life we desire and have always wanted to live.

When we have the tools needed in our tool belt, repetition is necessary. Construction workers usually have to drill more than one hole or hammer more than one nail to get their materials to hold up and remain stable on the foundation that was initially laid.

This is the fourth way to make the most of our 2023 year.

  • Allowing the work to continue without quitting. Growing, building, developing, and evolving are works that must continue. These are not works that we can begin and then discontinue once we reach a level. We must have the discipline to keep building from where we are. Even when we don't feel like it, we must continue the work within us to remain on the foundation initially laid. Whatever tools you've learned you need, you must keep applying them in your life. How you use them may grow and change, but the devices will remain the same. You may even add more tools necessary to your toolbelt, but whatever you start, you must be committed to continuing. This is how you will get the most out of your 2023 year.

Discipline is developed by what we continue when the excitement is long gone.

As we continue the work of building, we often must take time to evaluate where we are and if the work we are doing is truly beneficial for our life. It is okay, in moments to take a step back to rest and reflect. Actually, rest and reflection are critical to a beautiful life.

This is the fifth way to make the most of our 2023 year.

  • Allowing ourselves to rest and reflect on the work that has been completed. Carve out time in your year to rest and reflect on what you've done. Go for long walks, read a good fiction book, or have dinner with family and friends. This is how we are refueled to keep going on our journey. Never be afraid to take a moment to rest. Never be scared to step back when needed. We often see things better when there is some distance between our work and where we are standing. Take intentional time to reflect and rest. This is how you will make the most of your 2023 year.

Rest is not an option, it's essential.

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