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Dear 2020,

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

My name is Jeanice Sherai.

I know that we just met, but I consider us friends already.

Like any relationship, I understand that there will be great times and trying times. I know we will have to grow and learn each other's languages of communication, likes/dislikes, and all sorts of things to truly get acquainted.

I'm up for the task or you?

The truth is, you really don't have a choice.

I am here.

I am here and I honestly don't have any plans of going anywhere. The great news is that I believe that because of who my Father is, you knew that I would be here. I also believe that you're already in alignment with all God has planned for me to bring forth in this year. You've already set up stops and signs along my path that will provide every single thing that I could possibly need.

You see I met 2019 previously, and she told me that she knew of you but unfortunately she wouldn't get to meet you. She let me know some things about you that I would need in order to prepare for our new friendship.

One thing she told me is that I don't have control of my life nor my destiny. Sure, I can make conscious and healthy decisions that can and will positively impact my life. I can make all the right choices. I can display the character of God and I will do my absolute best to do these things, but what 2019 made me aware of is that all the good things in the world can't stop life from happening.

So what I want to share with you as we begin is that you don't have to be timid with me. I'm okay with life happening as my Father has written. I love Him so much that I am committed to trusting the story He knew I would need to live out on this side of life.

There are a few things that I was born to do.

I was born to write. I can't tell a story without a story.

I was born to change the mindsets of every person I encounter. I can't understand the difficulty of changing your mindset if I've never had to overcome through the power of changing my perspective because literally nothing else in my life was changing.

I was born to encourage. I can't encourage others, if I've never had to spend time actually encouraging myself.

So, I want you to know that this year thats been presented to me, my friend 2020.

Is my Year of Faith and Alignment.

I refuse to resist the very things that are absolutely meant for me, even in the places where I suffer tremendously from lack of understanding.

I'm here. God brought me to this year and now that we have met, we have become newfound friends. What I want you to know is that God has given me the power within to do exceedingly and abundantly more than I could ever think or imagine (Eph. 3:20).

I plan to use that power within me to make a difference and a change in you my friend.

I'm wondering if you will partner with me?

Since I believe that this is my Year of Faith and Alignment, I also believe that God established our partnership before we even met.

He knew that we would meet this year. I'm so thankful to meet you 2020 and I can't wait to share with you all of the things I plan to do in this year. I want you to know that none of them are centered on success or accomplishment, but all of them are centered on being the person God created me to be, thriving in that place, and doing a work that aligns with the work that is needed for His Kingdom.

Before I tell you what I want us to do in this year, let me tell you more about who I am and why God sent me here....


Writer's Notes:

God says that He has given us dominion over this Earth.

That we are Royalty.

Kings and Queens of this land.

Why are we will still waiting and asking for permission to be who He sent us to Earth to be?

"The only way to accomplish that goal is to get bold enough to begin."
~Jeanice Sherai

A Moment of Meditation:

What would your life look like if you stepped out of fear and directly into your Destiny? What does your destiny look like? What keeps you from stepping into that place?

  1. Take 15 minutes to sit still and imagine that place.

  2. Start your meditation by reading Ephesians 2:10

  3. What phrase or word stood out to you?

  4. Use that phrase or word to keep your mind centered on God throughout your meditation.

  5. Repeat it whenever needed and listen as God uses those words to speak directly to the place of your Destiny and what He is calling you to do in 2020.


"Just 10" Holy Yoga Session

Total Wellness is the key to success, joy and happiness in your life. Not only that, but it is the key to being able to truly hearing God and where He is leading.

Take time to include this 10 minute Holy Yoga practice in your upcoming week.

  • Mountain Pose (3 minutes)

a. Stand with your feet together (all four corners of your feet planted firmly into the mat).

b. Your spine should be straight and long.

c. Your shoulders should be down and back.

d. Your ears should be aligned with your shoulders.

e. Your head should be parallel to the sky or ceiling.

f. Let your eyes be focused on a point in front of you.

g. Your arms should be by your side with your hands open.

(See the following link for a picture of mountain pose:

Inhale (Yah)

Exhale (Weh)

Inhale (Elo)

Exhale (Him (*heem))

Inhale your arms over your head. Exhale your arms to prayer pose (as pictured above). (3x)

Remain in prayer pose with your hands at heart center for the final minute.

Reflect on who God is in your life and thank Him for the things that come to mind that you are grateful for in your day.

  • Forward Fold (30 seconds)

a. From prayer pose inhale your arms over your head.

b. Bend your knees as much as needed and fold your torso over your legs.

c. Let your head be heavy as you remain in this pose.

(See the following link for a picture of a forward fold:

Inhale and Exhale in this pose (5x)

  • Half-way Lift (30 seconds)

a. Inhale your torso up so that it is parallel to the ground.

b. Place your hands on your shins.

c. Allow your gaze to look forward to a specific point in front of you.

d. Your back should be long and flat.

(See the following link for a picture of halfway lift:

  • Exhale back to Forward Fold

  • Warrior One Pose (2 minutes each side)

a. Bend your knees until your hands are flat on the ground.

b. Step your right foot back (almost as if you are going into a lunge).

c. Allow your right foot to be slightly angled on your mat.

d. Make sure your footing is firmly grounded.

e. Inhale your arms up over your head.

Inhale and Exhale (5x)

f. Exhale your arms back to the ground on opposite sides of your left leg.

g. Inhale as you bring your right foot back in alignment with your left leg.

h. Exhale into a Forward Fold.

I. Inhale into a Halfway Lift.

j. Exhale into a Forward Fold.

k. Repeat steps a - e, stepping back with your opposite leg.

l. Repeat Steps f - j. and step a.

(See the following link for a picture of Warrior One Pose:

  • Savasana (your final resting pose)

a. Sit down slowly on your mat and position yourself lying flat on your back.

b. Inhale your knees to your chest.

c. Wrap your arms around your knees as if you are giving yourself a hug.

d. You can either remain still or rock back and forth in this position.

e. When you are ready, stretch your legs out straight in front of you.

f. Allow your arms to fall out to your sides.

g. Allow your feet to fall out to opposite sides.

h. Breathe (Inhale, Exhale)

I. Allow your body to be heavy

j. Stay in this place as long as needed.

(See the following link for a picture of Savasna Pose:

Check out a Holy Yoga Playlist on if you want to incorporate music into this practice.

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