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I started Holy Yoga in December and yesterday was my last session :(.  Yoga with Jeanice Sherai, LLC was an awesome way to connect with God. This space created room for me to hear and be still.  She has an amazing gift and spirit, I'm going back in the rotation soon.  Please gift yourself and connect with this awesome woman.  Thank you, Jeanice Sherai, for sharing your gifts and talents.

Thank you so much, Jeanice Sherai, LLC for blessing us with your God given gifts.  Tonight was perfect.  Appreciated and received.  Continued favor and fruit from the seeds you plant.

Tonight I completed my first session of Holy Yoga with instructor Jeanice Sherai.   This was definitely something different but different in a good way.  I enjoyed my session. The breathing, the poses, being present in the moment, the affirmation, and the way Jeanice used the Bible through the session.  Little did she know the verse she gave me to think on tonight was right on time!  (Ephesians 3:8-9).  Every now and then the enemy sneaks in my mind trying to convince me I'm not qualified for certain things so don't even try it, don't even act on that dream, that goal, etc! He's got me a few times but from this day forward I bet he won't!  Such a refreshing session tonight.  Thank you so much, Jeanice Sherai, LLC

I feel so good after that session.  My hips aren't hurting nearly as bad as they have been today.  My sinuses have opened up a little more and I feel more relaxed than I have been.

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Do You Struggle with Stillness?


Stillness helps us to hear God and truly know that it is Him in the midst of our decisions, life changes, and tough situations.

our Just 10 Holy Yoga YouTube channel offers free meditation and yoga sessions designed to help you be still and truly hear what God is speaking.

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Areas of Expertise

  • Certified Professional Life Coach
    • Mindset
  • Christian Mental Health Coach
  • Christian Based Yoga
    • Registered Holy Yoga Instructor - 225​hr
    • Masters Student - Yoga Faith - 300hr
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About Jeanice Sherai, LLC

Jeanice Sherai, LLC was founded in 2018 by Founder and CEO Jeanice Sherai Durrah.  We are a mental wellness company focused on helping women to implement practical habits into their daily life that will partner with them in fighting against attacks of anxiety, worry, and depression. 

Our mission is to help women discover purpose and find direction through mental wellness practices that will promote whole minds and present moments in their life. 

Our vision is to see a world free from anxiety and depression.

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About our Founder

Jeanice Sherai currently resides in the Carolinas where she is employed full time in the Financial Industry.  She enjoys nature, traveling, fitness, and spending time with her husband, family, and friends.  She is a Jesus Lover and enjoys volunteering and serving in the local church. 


She is the author of three books, "Decide Today is Your Day: 21 Affirmations Guaranteed to Change Your Life," "Goal Diggers: A Goal Setting Workbook," and "31 Days of Faith: From Familiarity to Freedom."

She is the Co-Founder of a Women's Spiritual Retreat "Queen of the Mountain" that is held annually in order to provide a space for women to come together to be restored, release what is heavy to God, relax, and draw closer to God in their season.

She leads virtual and in-person Just 10 Holy Yoga and Meditation Sessions that help her clients truly hear what God is speaking to them in their situations and seasons. 


In 2019, Jeanice Sherai, launched a monthly featured in-person Just 10 Holy Yoga Class, "Gratitude Sunday" that taught her clients to be thankful in all things, for that is the will of God (1 Thess 5:18).  These classes were sold out monthly with a waiting list in Charlotte, NC.  She transitioned these classes to Spartanburg, SC in 2021 where she teaches them at BASIC Training & Event Center.  These classes are held on Sunday evenings, monthly. 

In 2020, during the Pandemic, Jeanice Sherai also launched a summer Holy Yoga outdoor morning class titled, "DayBreak Holy Yoga".  This is a community-based class that is donation-based only.  These classes are offered on Saturday mornings from 8am - 9am. Locations can vary.

Although, she is taking a pause from teaching in this season as she prepares for motherhood, both of these classes will return, plus even more class offerings in the community, as soon as God gives her the green light, so stay tuned! 

Jeanice is a Professional Leadership Coach who has coached autistic adults, at-risk teenage girls, and women who want to push forward into the life God has promised them.  Through her Leadership workshops, she utilizes a specially crafted curriculum titled: ThinkBIG.

Jeanice Sherai is a: 

  • Six-Figure Corporate IT Professional,

  • Certified Professional Life Coach,

  • Certified Mental Health Coach,

  • Certified Holy Yoga Instructor (225 Hr),

  • Current Student in the YogaFaith Master Instructor Training (300 Hour),

  • Guided Christian Meditation Specialist, 

  • Certified Connection Coalition Trauma Informed Outreach Training

  • Graduate of The Master's Program for Women,

  • Podcast Host,

  • Author, and

  • Speaker

She holds a: 

  • Six Sigma Green Belt, 

  • Masters in Business Administration,

  • Masters in Information Systems, and a

  • Bachelors in Computer Science.

Jeanice Sherai was featured as the Opening Speaker at the Dear CLT Brunch in Charlotte, NC. She has also been a featured writer for Forbes recognized, Boss Babes and She Wins Society (formerly known as Women By Choice).  

Jeanice Sherai previously was a Women's Ministry Lead at Duncan Creek Baptist Church, leading yearly Women's conferences that pulled together Women from all over to meet in a commonplace to hear from God.

She is the recent recipient of the 2021 Black History Makers Award for the following upstate Radio Stations: 107.3 Jamz, 96.3 The Block, and Sophya D. Radio.  

She was also recently featured on WSPA News Channel 7 discussing the power of time management.

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