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I started Holy Yoga in December and yesterday was my last session :(.  Yoga with Jeanice Sherai, LLC was an awesome way to connect with God. This space created room for me to hear and be still.  She has an amazing gift and spirit, I'm going back in the rotation soon.  Please gift yourself and connect with this awesome woman.  Thank you, Jeanice Sherai, for sharing your gifts and talents.

Thank you so much, Jeanice Sherai, LLC for blessing us with your God given gifts.  Tonight was perfect.  Appreciated and received.  Continued favor and fruit from the seeds you plant.

Tonight I completed my first session of Holy Yoga with instructor Jeanice Sherai.   This was definitely something different but different in a good way.  I enjoyed my session. The breathing, the poses, being present in the moment, the affirmation, and the way Jeanice used the Bible through the session.  Little did she know the verse she gave me to think on tonight was right on time!  (Ephesians 3:8-9).  Every now and then the enemy sneaks in my mind trying to convince me I'm not qualified for certain things so don't even try it, don't even act on that dream, that goal, etc! He's got me a few times but from this day forward I bet he won't!  Such a refreshing session tonight.  Thank you so much, Jeanice Sherai, LLC

I feel so good after that session.  My hips aren't hurting nearly as bad as they have been today.  My sinuses have opened up a little more and I feel more relaxed than I have been.

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