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About Jeanice Sherai, LLC

Jeanice Sherai, LLC was founded in 2018 by Founder and CEO Jeanice Sherai Casey.  It was birthed and created as a transformation and renewal of Jeanice Sherai's previous owned company Release to Renew, LLC. 


Jeanice Sherai, LLC believes in Purpose Living.  To live our lives on purpose means to wake up daily with the full intention to live our life fully based on the reason in which we were created to live. 


Purpose Living motivates us to wake up daily and continue to fight against the many things that deem to attack our mental health.  Purpose defeats anxiety and depression.

Our mission is to Promote Whole Minds and Present Moments through the many mental wellness tools that we offer.  We believe that the Promotion of Whole Minds and Present Moments will lead our Clients to a life of Purpose Living.  We also believe that encouraging our Clients to focus on the GIFT in their PRESENT moments and coaching them on how to cope, handle, and adapt to what may come in those present moments provides us the ability to work diligently towards our vision of seeing a world FREE from anxiety and depression. 

Take charge of your life and book us today.  You deserve to a live a full and vibrant life on Purpose.


Jeanice Sherai, LLC also offers a free wellness program titled "Just 10." We believe that "Just 10" minutes of wellness daily has the power to change your life.  Check out our "Just 10" HolyYoga YouTube channel for free Holy Yoga and Meditation sessions.

We also have a Podcast, "The Better in Ten Minutes Show." That can be found on your favorite podcast app, i.e., Spotify, Google, or Apple Podcast.  

About our Founder

Jeanice Sherai currently resides in the Carolinas where she is employed full time in the Financial Industry.  She enjoys nature, traveling, fitness, and spending time with family and friends.  She is a Jesus Lover and enjoys volunteering and serving in the local church. 


She is the author of two books, "Decide Today is Your Day: 21 Affirmations Guaranteed to Change Your Life" and "Goal Diggers: A Goal Setting Workbook."


She is the Co-Founder of a Women's Spiritual Retreat "Queen of the Mountain" that is held annually in order to provide a space for women to come together to be restored, release what is heavy to God, relax, and draw closer to God in their season.

She also is the Founder and Co-Leader of Green Pastures: A Restorative Online Space for Women.  Green Pastures was created with the Intention of teaching women to REST.


She leads virtual and in person Holy Yoga and Meditation Sessions that help her clients truly hear what God is speaking to them in their situations and seasons. 


Prior to the pandemic, Jeanice Sherai led a monthly featured in person Holy Yoga Class, "Gratitude Sunday" that taught her clients to be thankful in all things, for that is the will of God (1 Thess 5:18).  These classes were sold out monthly with a waiting list in Charlotte, NC. 

She is a Professional Leadership Coach who has coached autistic adults, at risk teenage girls, and women who want to push forward into the life God has promised them. 


Jeanice Sherai is a: 

  • Certified Professional Mindset Coach,

  • Certified Holy Yoga Instructor,

  • Guided Christian Meditation Specialist, and

  • Speaker

She holds a: 

  • Six Sigma Green Belt, 

  • Masters in Business Administration,

  • Masters in Information Systems, and a

  • Bachelors in Computer Science.


Jeanice Sherai was recently featured as the Opening Speaker at the Dear CLT Brunch in Charlotte, NC. She has been a featured writer for Forbes recognized, Boss Babes and She Wins Society (formely known as Women By Choice).

Jeanice Sherai previously was a Women's Ministry Lead at Duncan Creek Baptist Church, leading yearly Women's conferences that pulled together Women from all over to meet in a common place to hear from God.


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